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Tecnologia Low Pilot Arc

Low Pilot Arc technology

A special shape of the plasma chamber, together with an innovative power source and an ignition system without high frequency allow the pilot arc to be kept on longer and with current reduced by over 60%, compared to previous torches. This condition preserves good operation and duration of consumables, doubling their life.

Tecnologia Innovative Thin Cut

Innovative Thin Cut technology

The new cutting technology of these new torches makes it possible to maintain a narrower, longer and straighter arc compared to P70 or P150 torches. This technology affords higher quality cutting with reduced Kerf (amount of removed material).

Tecnologia Hyper Speed Cut

Hyper Speed Cut technology

The new shape of the cutting arc generated by the new torches is conducive to reaching cutting speeds over 100% higher than those obtained in the past, also significantly reducing the formation of burrs.

Tecnologia Ultra Cut Capacity

Ultra Cut Capacity technology

The ongoing development of cutting parameters, coupled to new generation torches, translate into cutting over 50% thicker plates, optimising cut finish, compared to the previous range of torches.

Optional CNC Interface

Optional CNC Interface

To exchange the main cutting signal with the automatic CNC cutting bench.

Tecnologia Long Tip Cut

Long Tip Cut technology

The evolution of the constructive technology of the new torches has allowed us to widen the range of cutting consumables, making it possible to use this newsystem even close to very narrow angles and small spaces, very common in industrial settings.

Tecnologia Multi Piercing

Multi Piercing technology

The high density of the new plasma arc allows very thick plates to be pierced through in a shorter time, assuring greater productivity together with less wear of consumables.

Tecnologia Extra Life

Extra Life technology

A new redistribution of torch air flows coupled to the use of state-of-the-art construction materials allow consumables to offer doubled performance and duration compared to previous torches.

Funzione Self Restart

Self Restart function

Redesigned and adapted to HF-less ignition, it makes it possible to reignite the pilot arc in extremely short times, so that nets and grates may be cut at high speed.

Funzione Auto Set

Auto Set function

The power source is equipped with two microprocessors which detect the presence, quality and value of the power supply voltage, automatically settings the power source for optimal operation. This technology means power sources may be automatically installed connected to almost all power mains worldwide, preserving integrity.

Funzione Interfaccia Sinergica

Synergic Interface function

Graphic LCD display with operator synergic interface, especially useful for mechanized cuttings.
At the start up the operator selects the type and the thickness of the material to be cut and the display will show automatically the correspondent values of current, nozzle and cutting speed.
Once this set up is made, the operator can modify the values of current and/or speed suggested and the machine will modify synergistically the values, following automatically the ideal cutting curve relevant to the required work.

Fuzione Pilot Arc Time

Pilot Arc Time function

Controls the duration of the pilot arc in an automatic or adjustable manner

Funzione Pilot Arc Length

Pilot Arc Length function

Controls the length of the pilot arc in an automatic or adjustable manner.

Funzione Exhaust Electrode

Exhaust Electrode function

Controls the electrode consumption and warns the operator that the consumables need replacing. It can be set automatically or adjusted in percentage.

Funzione Save Post Gas

Save Post Gas function

Controls the torch cooling and gas consumption, in an automatic or adjustable manner.

Funzione V-out Voltage CNC

V-out Voltage CNC function

To control an electronic output cutting voltage divider to be adjusted from 1/20V to 1/100V.

Funzione Remote Current CNC

Remote Current CNC function

To remotely control the cutting current adjustment with 0-10V isolated voltage.

Funzione Input Power

Input Power function

Used to set the input power absorbed thus automatically limiting the output cutting current, adapting the power source to all the sizes of the industrial plants.

Funzione Synergic Gouging

Synergic Gouging function

It allows gouging, adjusting automatically all the operating parameters according to the speed of execution and the amount of material to be removed.

Funzione Synergic Marking

Synergic Marking function

It automatically sets all the operating parameters according to the width and depth of the desired marking groove.

Tecnologia Automatic Pressure Work

Automatic Pressure Work technology

Controls the cutting gas pressure in an automatic or adjustable manner before and during cutting, to optimise cutting quality and maximize the service life of the spare parts.

Tecnologia Cartridge Spring

Cartridge Spring technology (Patented)

Reduces the internal moving parts of the torches, increasing their reliability over time.

Funzione Synergic Plasma

Synergic Plasma function

This innovative technology allows the power source to adjust all cutting parameters automatically.



It is a pulsed start useful to optimise the initial welding stage.
The pulsed current is adjustable in frequency, duration and peak and makes it possible to join the two sheets in less time than traditional welding even if they are not perfectly against one another. This pulse has the purpose of quickly triggering a vibration of the molten material on both welding sides until they completely join in a single spot. At the end of the initial pulsed stage, the machine performs the normal welding curve set by the operator.



The machine automatically changes the welding current with the variation in arc voltage, which is caused by the operator either lifting or lowering the torch. In this way the power source is able to maintain constant the dimensions of the welding arc and energy absorption despite the variations in height and welding current caused by the welder. The parameter is adjustable from 1A to 50A, and determines the variation in maximum current that the machine automatically increases or decreases during welding torch movements.



It is a new tack welding system that makes it possible to directly place the tungsten electrode on the fixing point, obtaining a perfect positioning of the weld joint.
The tack welding cycle is automatically controlled by the power source upon pressing the start, without damaging the electrode tip, performing rapid and accurate piece joining when the torch is lifted.
This drastically reduces the heat input and makes it possible to obtain white and glossy weld points on difficult sheet metal such as stainless steel. It limits welding contamination by the electrode.



It is an automatic tack welding system that makes it possible to rapidly alternate the working and standby time to allow the piece to suitably cool and consequently marked reduction in thermal alteration and mechanical deformation of the joint.
Both working time and standby time may be adjusted to obtain a welding cycle suited to any need.



It is ideal for welding very thin plates. Thanks to pulsing up to 10 kHz, it strongly restricts the cone of the welding arc, obtaining a reduced thermally altered area and consequently lower mechanical deformation of the piece.
In fact the arc is a lot more stable and concentrated, thus increasing penetration in the piece and speed of execution of the weld bead.



It is a new double pulsed welding system, that combines the normal pulsed current period to a sub-period adjustable in percentage time and amplitude, that allows the welding current to be pulsed on four levels instead of the conventional two. The welding speed remains unchanged and it is thus possible to obtain narrower beads, reduce the heat input and mechanical deformation of the piece.



This function makes it possible to insert a DC semi-period within the AC period, adjustable from minimum 20% to 90% maximum.
The effect of inserting the DC component is that of mixing the properties of AC welding with the penetration typical of DC welding, increasing the welding speed even with cold piece.
The E-MIX function thus makes it possible to obtain the weld pool very quickly, it is especially suited on significantly thick metal and straightforwardly results in consistent welding beads even on very dissimilar pieces (1+10mm).



The function shifts the alternate waveform with respect to zero to increase the negative component and obtain a very concentrated and penetrating welding arc. It is useful to weld quickly very thin metal.
The value is adjustable from 1% minimum to 80% maximum of the negative half-wave.



This logo, placed on power sources, indicates their adaptation to the IEC/EN 61000-3-12 standard by means of PFC devices.

Green Tecnology


This logo identifies power sources that feature one or more solutions that we have adopted to achieve the goals of energy savings and low environmental impact. They include, among others, the function "Energy Saver" that only switches on fans and/or cooling liquid pumps if necessary, the reduction in electromagnetic emissions, deriving from the use of torches with ignition without high frequency, and the development of power sources with low power consumption.